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 Chicken Manure is a high concentration of Nitrogen and Protein.  It can raise the Nitrogen levels in your garden so it should be used sparingly.  When used correctly it can be a great boost for your soil.  We have been suppling large volumes of this product in bulk to Organic farms all over QLD and NSW with great results.


 Pig Manure is much like other Manures and has a high concentration of Nitrogen and Carbon.  Our Source of Manure uses a Hardwood Sawdust in their Grower sheds as a base over the traditional straw a lot of produces use due to cost, and availability.  Pig Manure is a very dark rich black in appearance.  This product is also very popular throughout QLD and NSW on larger Cotton, Macadamia and, Grazing farms.


 Cow Manure is a great fertiliser.  It can help boost your soil.  Cow Manure from Feedlots can be very acidic.  This product is sourced from a local Feedlot.  Although this product is screened you might end up with the odd little rock in it.  But used in your Garden this will be no issue.

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